About Leisure Homestay

Choose from one of the finest Homestay in the vicinity, Leisure Homestay lies isolated from the hustle and bustle of the noisy world of civilization. Expose yourself to the intimate experience of the rural Malnad region. Located amidst over 40 acres of Coffee Plantations, Pepper vines, Vanilla, and Oranges, the sounds to indulge in are but of the chirping birds, plants and trees dancing to the tune of the gentle spring breeze.
With a wide variety of Complimentary Activities to fulfil thy adventurous spirit, we also serve the Guests with mouth-watering authentic traditional Malnad cuisine with non-repetitive menu to gratify all thy senses. We use only fresh locally grown ingredients to cook the food, making sure the food is both tasty and healthy, compromising nowhere on Quality and Quantity as well. Our Chefs are renowned for their art of knowing how to play with the palates of the Guests!
Our rooms are well lit with the natural ambience, aesthetically pleasing spacious interiors, well furnished amenities, hygienic surroundings, attached bathrooms in every rooms, complimentary toiletries, a blend of modernity and vintage with a finishing of thatched hut on the roof – making sure our Guests never have to get out of their comfort zone!
Experience quintessential hospitality on your stay with us. If there is one thing that we cherish upon, and is our highest priority that is to see our Guests are comfortable and happy! And to fulfil this fundamental mission, we are always ready to walk the extra mile to keep our Guests ever delighted.