Of what good is life, without a tinge of Adventure? At Leisure Homestay, we got your adventurous spirit covered with Activities to keep the surge of the Dopamine and Adrenaline levels in the Brains high! Take a sneak peek at the Activities to indulge in, which are complimentary with your stay with us…


Cool off the heat of the Sun by diving into the on-board Swimming Pool with no additional cost. The Swimming pool is children friendly, and a supervisor will be provided. Pool Timings: 7am to 6pm.


Bored of Swimming in the man-made swimming pools? Venture out to swim across the vast Natural Lake to spice up the adventure! Life Jackets and a Supervisor will be provided during Swimming in the lake..


Turn your backs to the land and head out to the open waters, cruising across the open natural lake with Kayaking. Enjoy your private space out on the water with an experience unmatched on the land!.


Take your passion to the waters by getting on board our Boat, exploring the lengths and breadths of the natural lake. Experience the full potential of pleasure by rowing the Boat under the open skies.


Go Fishing in our lakes, and try out on your luck with your family and friends. The fishes you catch can be cooked for lunch/dinner at no additional cost, charging only for the fishes by the kilogram.


Go Fishing in our lakes, and try out on your luck with your family and friends. The fishes you catch can be cooked for lunch/dinner at no additional cost, charging only for the fishes by the kilogram.

Zip-Line above theLake

Glide above the lake with the Gravity assisting the speed of movement in our custom-made Zip-Line, upgrading the adventure to the next level. Our Zip-Lines are exceptionally safe, and a supervisor will be provided to help you sail.


Enjoy a delicious barbecue night with our free grill stand and add some flavor with our marinated chicken (extra charges apply).


Warm up amidst the chilly Malnad nights around the Campfire – Sharing stories, creating memories, celebrating the joy of togetherness with your Family and Friends!


“Ready, Aim, Fire!” Test the accuracy of your Shooting with our in-house Rifle Shooting arena! We will train you to use the Air Gun, and three bullets will be provided to hit the Bull’s Eye!

Badminton COURT

With a dedicated Badminton Court at the Homestay, indulge in the high-speed game of the racquet hitting the shuttlecock at lightning speeds. This game can be played Singles and Doubles as well.


Keep the team-spirit going by dodging and dribbling the Basketball, tackling and challenging your family and friends, bringing out the best in all of those who play the game of Basketball.


Our homestay boasts a vast play area that offers our guests the opportunity to engage in a variety of outdoor games and activities. Whether you enjoy cricket, football, or other games, our spacious grounds provide ample room to play and enjoy the beautiful natural.


Being in India, Cricket is a religion, and not playing Cricket amounts to heresy! The everyone’s favorite game can be enjoyed at the Homestay – keeping the players physically and mentally agile.


Take a walk in our Coffee Estate spread across over 40 acres. Apart from Coffee, we also grow Pepper, Arecanut, Vanilla, and Oranges! With prior request, Guided Tour of the Estate can be arranged.


In addition to our outdoor sports facilities, we also offer indoor games like Carrom, Chess, and more. Perfect for those who prefer a relaxed indoor experience, our games provide a great way to unwind and have fun with family and friends.


Apart from all the fancy activities, Guests can also entertain themselves in playing Dot Board, Swing, Watching Television, Listening to Music with Bluetooth Speakers, Free Wi-Fi, and more...


Our homestay is nestled in the lap of nature with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Guests can explore nearby trekking spots, waterfalls and natural attractions located within 15-45km. Take in the fresh air, lush greenery and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the great outdoors.